FPP Spring Seminar

The FPP Spring Seminar was a big success! TAPPA member Booray Perry gave a full-day of instruction on off-camera-lighting that included live shooting with models. Over 60 people attended with skill levels ranging from beginner to Master Photographer…     Thanks to Pedro Carrillo for all the images from the day!            ...

Southern Exposure Feb23

Southern Exposure

The latest edition of Southern Exposure Magazine is available… (Feb. 2015)...

HDR Tutorial.. Feb16

HDR Tutorial..

Member and Master Photographer Randy Van Duinen has posted an HDR tutorial for Lightroom on his website.. Trying to make an HDR image the realistic is actually easy when you use a combination of Photoshop and Lightroom. In this video you’ll see how to put together an HDR image in Photoshop and then bring it into Lightroom to create a very realistic photograph. You will see how to develop the image in Lightroom using the paintbrush tool, graduate filter and the belt mode to make your image really come alive.    

Print of the Month Feb16

Print of the Month

Every month at the meeting we have a friendly competition among members. Here’s this month’s winners along with some of the images… ( 02/15) Portrait: 1st- Michael Landes 2nd- Carol Walker 3rd- Kevin Newsome Social Function 1st- Pedro Carrillo 2nd- Booray Perry 3rd- Lissa Hatcher Unclassified 1st- Curtis Frey 2nd- Michael Landes 3rd- Petra Prion Commercial 1st- Randy Van Duinen 2nd- Lisa O’Greary 3rd- Kevin Newsome Electronic Imaging 1st- Michael Landes 2nd- Randy Van Duinen 3rd- Lissa Hatcher Booray Perry  Kevin Newsome  Pedro Carillo  Kevin Newsome  Carol...

Feb 22nd, Spring Seminar in TAMPA! Feb12

Feb 22nd, Spring Seminar in TAMPA!

    Join Booray Perry for a full day of hands-on training in “Off-Camera Flash! Program will include classroom and location “hands-on” teaching. Contact Booray if you have questions!...