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Sept. Speaker | Megan DiPiero

Tuesday, September 12th
Holiday Inn Westshore
700 N. Westshore Dr. Tampa

$20 at the door or prepay with Paypal


Megan DiPiero – The $5000 Close

So you want to have a $5000 sale? How ‘bout a $10,000 sale? Big sales can happen when you know how to close like a pro. During this program you will learn how to implement the practices that will bring you maximum PROFIT all while delivering maximum JOY to your client. With the right strategies in place, sales can be easy and fun! Bring a notebook and an open mind and get ready for a game-changing presentation.


Megan DiPiero lives, eats and breathes business education. She has worked in sales for 20+ years, selling everything from cars to books to bras. She found her home in the photography industry back in 2010 and quickly grew her business to a 6-figure success! Megan was recently featured as a platform speaker at Imaging 2017 with her buzzworthy talk: “The $3000 Headshot.” You can find Megan in her Facebook business community: “Rise to Top! With Megan DiPiero”—a forum for professional photographers—5000 members strong and growing.