Painting With Light Jan20


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Painting With Light

TAPPA member Randy Van Duinen recently published an article in the Florida Professional Photographers magazine on “Light Painting” that is amazing. He’s also done a complete breakdown of the process on his website:

“The principle is very much the same, except that I will take multiple exposures and blend them together in Photoshop. I believe that this allows me some creative freedom and the ability to light paint large-scale scenes. The equipment that I use is the same as use for any of my exterior light painting photographs, the Brickman Maximilian III flashlight I just need to bring a few extra batteries with me. It helps when you’re photographing a large light painting to have an assistant, friend or loved one to help you out, as you will be running around at great distances to actually light paint something this large. And in the case of the Yosemite image to watch out for bears as you paint……”

Even if you have no desire to shoot landscape, the process is fascinating and well worth a read.

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