Oct. Speaker | Connie Summers Sep25

Oct. Speaker | Connie Summers

Tuesday, October 10th Holiday Inn Westshore 700 N. Westshore Dr. Tampa $20 at the door or prepay with Paypal   Connie Summers is a Animal Photographer specializing in pets. In the beginning, 15 years ago she started doing stock photography for calendar companies such as WillowCreek and Brown Trout. Her Images were also published in Dog Fancy, Cat Fancy, DogWorld ( a cover shot), Barrons educational series on specific breeds, including birds,guinea pigs and horses to name a few of the publications. For 6 years Connie shot all the photos for a local pet magazine, Sarasota Pet. Connie still submits images for calendars along with shooting for local clients and volunteers for rescues to help find pets their “furever” homes. Her love of pets along with her love of photography has lead to a very satisfying career.Capturing Pet Portraits & Giving Back Connie will provide information on how to capture pet’s portraits with tips and a bag of tricks to get their attention. Providing a live shoot with Finn and a slide presentation to show some behind-the-scenes preparation. Conniesummers,com  ...

August Speaker | Greg Daniels Jul23

August Speaker | Greg Daniels

Tuesday, August 8th Holiday Inn Westshore 700 N. Westshore Dr. Tampa $20 at the door or prepay with Paypal   Designed for a Purpose! Portrait Designers, Gregory Daniel and his wife Lesa, will present the secrets of building a successful brand that yields the lifestyle everyone dreams about.  They have built one of the most respected and successful portrait businesses in the country.  Join them as they equip you with some easy to remember tools that will most certainly help you gain the confidence you need to grow your business!   Speaker Bio’s Gregory Daniel M. Photog.,Cr., CPP,F -ASP, FDPE, FSA Lesa Daniel Cr. “Before each of the great masters began their portraits, landscapes, and still life paintings, they sat down in front of a blank canvas.  Ready to pour all they knew of their craft into creating brilliant works of art. As I’ve grown and matured as a portrait artist, I’ve learned to approach my work from an artist’s perspective; each session brimming with the potential of a blank canvas, beckoning me to awaken it with my skill and vision”. Greg and his wife Lesa Daniel are internationally recognized for their artistry. Though he is one of the most awarded photographers in the United States, Greg has the utmost privilege of living out his passion every day alongside Lesa in operating their portrait photography galleries in both Indialantic and Titusville Florida. He has achieved both the title of Master of Photography and The American Society of Photographers Fellowship. In addition, Greg is was one of the youngest members to be inducted into the prestigious Cameracraftsmen of America in 1991, proud founding member of the International Society of Portrait Artists (ISPA) and on the Board of Directors for Professional Photographers of America....

July Speaker | Rhea Lewis Jun15

July Speaker | Rhea Lewis

Tuesday, July 11th Holiday Inn Westshore 700 N. Westshore Dr. Tampa $20 at the door or prepay with Paypal Beautiful Boudoir by Rhea Lewis: Instilling Confidence in Others Through Portrait Photography This program will give insight into the transformative nature of boudoir photography for women; that it’s not just about taking pretty pictures. It discusses why everyday women seek this style of photography experience; if there is enough of the market for it and if you can build a business with it. It will go over what it takes to be successful in this market and if this genre is right for you. The speaker will share her personal journey into this style and why she has chosen it.  She will then go over how she does it; from lead generation, to booking the client, to client consultation, to her version of the boudoir experience, her set design process, posing to flatter your subject, special editing techniques, sales presentation and her pricing strategy. She is an open book and eager to share her knowledge in this new and empowering experience for women from all walks of life. About Rhea: Rhea Lewis is an award-winning photographer. She has been in business as a professional photographer over the past 12 years. She has won International acclaim, with her work being selected into the exclusive Professional Photographer’s Association Loan Collection. She has been Photographer of the Year from the Professional Photographer’s Guild of the Palm Beaches several years running. Her images have been on the cover of many publications including the cover of Florida Professional Photographer Magazine, Palm Beach Parenting and Style Magazine. She is a leader in her profession and has served on the Board and as President of the local Professional Photographer’s Guild of the Palm Beaches. She Continues to give back to the industry by serving on the Board of Directors. Rhea also graciously donates the use of her boutique studio for workshops and continuing education through the...

June | SALON May24

June | SALON

Tuesday, June 13th @ 6PM Holiday Inn Westshore 700 N. Westshore Dr. Tampa $20 at the door or prepay with Paypal Case fees: $5 for attendees (pay at the door) $15 for non-attendees  You must also join PrintCompetition.com which costs $7 Upload your case to: PrintCompetition.com Deadline for entry is: June 12 @ 1a.m.   Complete...

May Speaker | Larry Becker Apr13

May Speaker | Larry Becker

Tuesday, May 9th Holiday Inn Westshore 700 N. Westshore Dr. Tampa $20 at the door or prepay with Paypal A Better Bottom Line for Photographers with Simple Video Capture In 2017 video has become mission-critical for most every business marketing plan. Facebook says that 80%-90% of all Facebook traffic will be video by 2018. Business Insider says that simply having a video as a part of the online purchase process, increases the chance of purchase by 64%. So at this point video is not only important, it’s being demanded by the majority of businesses. However, as far as most businesses are concerned, video production is expensive and complicated (or else it’s vertical video/shaky-cam from a smartphone like a school kid). Professional photographers stand in an unique position to deliver professional quality business videos, suitable for online marketing, but which don’t require especially large budgets and long lead time. There is an emerging market for professional video capture that is well short of film school style projects with numerous cameras, cinematography, CGI, and extensive editing. Instead, pro shooters can use constant lights, along with gear they already own, to capture simple video footage that can be edited into clean, professional promo videos for local businesses. Larry will deliver a presentation to TAPPA which can show photographers who have never shot any video, what simple settings and strategies can be used to build on their existing still shooting knowledge, in order to capture great looking and sounding video. Think of it as capturing “talking headshots” and adding a profit center to your product offerings. The videos can be edited by the photographers themselves, or passed on to a service bureau. The bottom line is that the photography profession is becoming more and more challenging, and finding paying clients is becoming even harder. Adding simple video capture not only allows pro shooters to have something “extra” that can be offered for existing shoots, it can provide an opportunity to reach out to new clients and existing clients who, “don’t really need portraits until next year.” It can give shooters a fresh reason to call their entire client base again.   Larry Becker Bio For the past 11 years, Larry Becker has been very visible internationally in the photography world. Larry was the Executive Director of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals for 5 years and then, for the past 6 years, has served as an on-camera spokesperson, host, and trainer for B&H Photo, Canon USA, Kelby Media, and the National Association of Broadcasters. For 5 of those years Larry managed the video studio producing videos for Kelby and other million and billion dollar companies. In 2016 Larry left his studio management position, while continuing to serve as on-camera talent for these companies. He also serves as a consultant and trainer for executives who are new to being on camera, and consults with businesses doing their own simple video productions...

April Speaker – Gina Barca Mar16

April Speaker – Gina Barca

Tuesday, April 11th Holiday Inn Westshore 700 N. Westshore Dr. Tampa$20 at the door or prepay with Paypal   “MODERN MARKETING”  Earning the modern dollar by mastering the millennial mindset.    Key points:  Modern (digital/online) marketing platforms, strategies & ideas Millennial Mindset – psychology, technology & influence in the marketplace Growing a brand online – Cultivating Community Social Selling (social media advertising) Representing one fourth of the population, there are now over 80 million millennials in America. This generation offers roughly $200 billion in annual buying power, making them more than 50% of buyers in the marketplace, yet many brands struggle to connect with this generation. By mastering the millennial mindset you will be able to tap into a piece of the market you may currently be missing.  While traditional methods of advertising have proven ineffective, online marketing and social sales have become one of the most effective ways to sell to a target audience. Covering the most important aspects of online and social media marketing, this program will delve into modern marketing tactics, specifically the mindset of the millennial demographic. Join us to discover what you MUST know to effectively grow your business and drive real results to increase sales.      Gina Barca, CPP   Gina is a Certified Professional Photographer & Brand Strategist based in Stuart, FL. In 2008, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from the International Academy of Design and Technology, Gina set out to build a brand that would stand out from the crowd. For eight years Gina grew her photography and graphic design company. In 2015 she began speaking at photographer’s guilds and local networking groups throughout Florida teaching her tactical branding and marketing strategies. Ultimately, this passion evolved her once photography & design studio into a thriving digital marketing agency, Exposure Studios.Today Gina enjoys working as a brand strategist, developing brand identities, marketing solutions and social media management for small businesses and...

March Speaker | Randy Van Duinen Feb24

March Speaker | Randy Van Duinen

Creative Composting – Go Beyond the Normal! By Randy Van Duinen, M.Photog., M.Artist, Cr. CPP, FDPE, FSA, AIA   If you are looking to kick start you creative photography or add new options to your studio, you will and to attend his program on composting with internationally award winning photographer Randy Van Duinen. He will show you his process of creating stunning and unique composited images. Learn different ways to cut out images and then put them together to create seamless images. He will teach you some processes that will allow you to quickly put together a composite that will make your clients come back for more. Randy Van Duinen A nationally and internationally award-winning architectural photographer, speaker and trainer. His art photography is in private collections around the country and in the permanent collection at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. Randy is recognized for his digital imaging skills that he uses with his architectural and art photography. Randy received his Bachelor of Science degree in Photography from Grand Valley State University.   Professional Photographers of America Awards & Degrees World Photographic Cup – Silver Medal, 2014 World Photographic Cup USA Team, 2016, 2014 1st place in the commercial category, 2014 Grand Imaging Awards  2nd place in the commercial category, 2013 Grand Imaging Awards  Top 10 Commercial photographer: 2013, 2014 and 2015 Master of Photography (M.Photog.)      ...

Feb. Speaker – Carmen Schettino Jan28

Feb. Speaker – Carmen Schettino

Tuesday, feb 14th Holiday Inn Westshore 700 N. Westshore Dr. Tampa $20 at the door or prepay with Paypal This month we welcom a veteran in the field of commercial photography. Carmen Schettino is a Master Photographer who has worked for Fortune 500 companies like Kodak. Mobil, Rolls Royce and hundreds of others. If you are at all interested in making it as a commercial photographer, Carmen will have information that you need!        ...

Jan Speaker | Robert Lino Jan05

Jan Speaker | Robert Lino

Posing with Robert Lino Tuesday, Jan 17th Holiday Inn Westshore 700 N. Westshore Dr. Tampa $20 at the door or prepay with Paypal This class is not about posing rules, yet they will be covered; this presentation is about posing concepts and observation.  It is not about showing pictures of “poses” to recreate, it will teach you how to direct your clients to make them look their best, using simple commands.  The secret is to understand the rules of traditional posing and the psychology of body language.   The techniques, combining these concepts with the basic notions of proper posture to create contemporary images with a distinctive appear. Robert Lino is internationally known for the distinctive feeling in his portraits and his unique posing ability. Robert Lino is internationally known for his professional journey and his photographic achievements but more so for his distinctive portraiture and his unique ability in the art of posing.  He has been a business consultant, speaker and judge for major professional associations.  His professional achievements include the ASP Fellowship; the Master, Craftsman Degrees and Professional Certification from PPA; the Accolade of Highest Photographic Achievements from WPPI; the Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence, and the Florida Service Award; and the Honorary Master Degree from SMFP in Mexico.          ...

Jan. Meeting Moved! Dec28

Jan. Meeting Moved!

Don’t forget! The January meeting has been moved back a week to the 17th to account for Imaging USA and will be at our new location: Holiday Inn  700 N Westshore Drive