Jan. Meeting Moved! Dec28

Jan. Meeting Moved!

Don’t forget! The January meeting has been moved back a week to the 17th to account for Imaging USA and will be at our new location: Holiday Inn  700 N Westshore Drive

TAPPA is Moving! Dec20

TAPPA is Moving!

TAPPA is Moving   The DoubleTree Hotel has been our home for over 15 years. But due to cost increases that your board did not want to pass along to the membership. We will be moving to the Holiday Inn  700 N Westshore Drive . ( Corner of Westshore and Cypress ) Starting in January. And in an effort to reduce costs , TAPPA members spoke and the board listened! A majority of the membership voted that they preferred to not include dinner in the cost of the meeting fee therefore, we will no longer be having dinner at the meetings. Food will be available for purchase at the hotel restaurant should members want to eat prior to or after the meeting The meeting will still start at 6pm. Our new meeting fee will $ 20.00 for the January thru March. After that we may have to reconsider based on costs. Please check out the hotel’s website at: https://www.ihg.com/holidayinn/hotels/us/en/tampa/tpacp/hoteldetail# We hope this will be a positive move for TAPPA and bring more value to the Association. We value you, our Friends, Colleagues , and...

Holiday Party 2016! Nov16

Holiday Party 2016!

Sunday, Dec. 4th, Doubletree Hotel @ 6PM You must RSVP by Dec. 1st Another year gone and time for our annual holiday party! Come enjoy the spirit of the season with friends and colleagues, enjoy good food and drink and maybe receive an award as well! Gift Exchange At the Awards Banquet this year, we will be offering a gift exchange activity! If you want to participate, please bring a wrapped gift valued at $ 10.00 or less. The activity will be fun, silly and completely unpredictable so get creative and come with an open mind. Everyone who participates will leave with a gift and we will have lots of laughs! Need gift ideas? Gag gifts, regifting and homemade items are completely acceptable! Are you a more practical gifter? How about a gift card or something you know any photographer would love to have in their tool box. There are no limits to what can be gifted and I can’t wait to see what gets opened up! Food Drive This year, it is highly recommended that each person attending the Banquet bring at least one nonperishable food item to be donated to Southern Oak Elementary School’s needy families. If you need assistance carrying in food items, please email me ahead of time at pratt1ak@gmail.com and I will meet you at your car! Please make sure to check expiration dates before donating items to make sure they are still acceptable quality for consumption. It is important that our association give back to the community and I appreciate any and all effort to participate in this drive to help our students! Have any other items that you would like to donate such as clothing, gifts, toys or toiletry items? I’ll take anything you can find it in your heart to donate! Throughout the year, families become homeless, experience unexpected events that put them in need and having items ready to support them through those times is extremely important. Any other questions can be emailed to me at pratt1ak@gmail.com. Examples of nonperishable food items: Peanut butter, crackers, canned fruits, canned vegetables, dried fruits, powdered milk, and Bottled water Canned meats, such as tuna, salmon, turkey and chicken, are non-perishable foods that are excellent sources of protein. Canned soup, Pasta, Oatmeal, rice, Most condiments such as ketchup, mustard and soy sauce are non-perishable. RSVP Now   [Show slideshow]...

Nov. Speaker | Al Audelman Oct26

Nov. Speaker | Al Audelman

Title – The Road to Professionalism Through Certification PPA Certification is a major step towards becoming a working professional with the skills needed to handle most jobs.  This is even more important these days as more people are joining the ranks of professional photographers.  During the program, we will cover the required education, the steps to becoming Certified Professional Photographer and what you need to do to maintain our states as a CPP. We will go over the major points that you need to now to pass the exam, what classes and other options are available for you too take and the fine points of the process of image submission. Al Audleman PPA Certified Master Photographic Craftsman, API, FDPE, FDAE, FSA, FED, GFD Al Audleman is a commercial photographer operating out of St. Petersburg, Florida.   A PPA Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman, he was one of the first PPA Approved Photographic Instructors, PPA Certified for 29 years and one of the first officially-recognized PPA Certification Instructors. Professional recognition includes several PPA Loan Collection images, selection to the Kodak Epcot Center Exhibit, Kodak Gallery and Fuji Masterpiece Awards, Florida’s “Becker Award for Creative Photography,” and the coveted Florida People’s Choice Award.  Al has also earned the Georgia Fellowship Degree, the Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence, the Florida Degree of Artistic Excellence, the Florida Service Award and the Florida Education Degree.  He was named the Florida Photographer of the Year in 2001 and 2002. His teaching credentials include CPP Exam Prep and Photoshop classes throughout the nation and internationally.  He is know to conduct a fun class on a technical subject plus he include lots of stories on how the information applies to the real world.  And he tells a lot of jokes!  But he is serious because more than 90% of his students normally pass the exam the first time following the class. Al also has produced a comprehensive Study Guide, “The Road to Certification for Professional Photography,” that includes a lengthy glossary of technical terms and a 256-question practice exam.  This is included in your registration as a workbook fee and you will receive the download link to obtain the document as soon as you register for the class.  So sign up NOW!...

Oct. Speaker | Matt Kloskowski Oct02

Oct. Speaker | Matt Kloskowski

Lightroom and Photoshop for Landscape and Outdoor Photographers Click here to register!! Do your landscape and outdoor photos ever not have the same look and feeling they did when you captured them? In this class you’ll learn all of the latest techniques and tips to help give those beautiful places the same color, atmosphere, detail and feeling that they did when you took the photo.   Matt’s Bio I’m a Photography mentor/coach that specializes in Outdoor/Landscape/Nature photography and editing with Photoshop, Lightroom and ON1 apps. I’m also very honored to be included as a Sony Artisan of Imagery, and author of over 15 books on post-processing (Lightroom & Photoshop) and photography. I call myself a Landscape and outdoor photographer, because landscapes seems kinda limiting. I like to shoot, teach about, and post-process just about everything that has to do with the outdoors and traveling. I live in the Tampa, FL area with my stunning wife Diana, and my two teenage sons, Ryan and Justin.             … and here are a few pictures from the...

Sept. Speaker | Chuck Vosburgh Aug31

Sept. Speaker | Chuck Vosburgh

The sales secrets I wish I had known Chuck Vosburgh, CPP Click here to attend! Chuck’s quest to become a master salesman started early in his career with the frustration of seeing others winning assignments that he would have been more qualified to do. After a lifetime of study in the psychology of the sale and practical real-world experience, Chuck is known for his technique of “selling without being a salesman”. Now he’s going to teach you everything he wishes he had known sooner. Get ready for dozens of real-world sales and marketing techniques that you can start using right away shown and explained in detail with Chuck’s easy, down to earth teaching style. Chuck’s career spans from owning a botique advertising agency and design studio, Advertsing Creative Director for a large clothing manufacturer, a full-time professional photographer with international clientele, real estate investor and as a Licenced Real Estate Agent. Chuck Vosburgh is a Certified Professional Photographer, Adobe Business Partner, Comp TIA Certified Technical Trainer, Certified Negotiation Expert and Certified Pricing Startegy Advisor along with numerous other awards, certifications and designations. He has been self-employed for 30 years and knows how to prosper in all economic conditions and with all types of clients. You will walk out a much better salesperson than when you walked in! Here are just a few things you’ll learn 5 Things that are sabotaging your efforts 3 things no one does that take less than 5 minutes and will make people remember you forever Ways to get more business cards out that you never thought of How to turn your address book into a gold mine Chuck’s Daily Action Checklist for guaranteed results How to make someone want to know more in less than 30 seconds How to cast doubt on your competition without ever criticizing Exploiting the laziness of others The known psychology of the sale; 5 steps you MUST follow How to even out the ups and downs Ask Chuck anything, seriously, anything And a LOT...

August Speaker – Dave Cross Jul25

August Speaker – Dave Cross

Stop Working So Hard In Photoshop! How to enhance your speed and creativity Click here to register!! In this Dave will share practical Photoshop techniques that you can use every day to be more efficient, and to give your creativity a boost. Many people assume that means using Actions, but there’s a lot more to working smarter including customizing Photoshop, using presets, working non-destructively and more. Most of all you’ll see how to spend less time in Photoshop and more time shooting! Topics will include • Photoshop “best practices” • Customizing Photoshop to look and operate the way you want • Creating and using Workspaces • Layer Comps, Adjustment Layer Presets, and Tool Presets • Taking advantage of the not-so-obvious speed enhancers • Using non-destructive methods to create reuseable effects • How to use Smart Objects and Smart Filters to save you time About Dave: For over 25 years Dave Cross has been helping photographers and creative professionals get the most out of their Adobe software. Since1987, Dave has taught Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to thousands of users around the world. He has a Bachelor of Education, is an Adobe Certified Instructor and is a Certified Technical Trainer. Dave has taught for Adobe, at Photoshop World, the Texas School of Photography, the Santa Fe Workshops, Imaging USA and at numerous corporate locations. Dave has written many articles and multiple books, co-hosted Photoshop User TV and has appeared in many DVDs and online courses for Kelby Training, CreativeLive and Photoshop Cafe. He offers online training at online.davecrossworkshops.com and runs a “boutique” stock photography site for compositing, compositingstock.com. Dave has taught Photoshop in every state in the United States, throughout Canada and in Europe, consistently earning rave reviews. Dave is well-known for his engaging style, his humor and his ability to make complex topics easy to understand. In 2009 Dave was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame. Pics from the...

July Speaker – Alicia D’amico Jul11

July Speaker – Alicia D’amico

TAPPA Meeting and Seminar is Tuesday, 7/12 at The Doubletree Hotel on Cypress in Tampa. Meeting starts at 6PM. Want to come as a guest? We would love to have you! Contact pratt1ak@gmail.com so you have a seat! Modern Fine Art Maternity Alicia D’Amico will demonstrate and talk about how she works with maternity clients to produce stunning imagery that leads her clients to purchasing large wall prints, custom designed albums and leaves excited and self motivated to promote her through word of mouth. She will be giving an inspirational talk as well as working with a model in a live demonstration.   Bio: Alicia D’Amico is a conceptual fine art photographer. Her captivating underwater portraits, unique and thought provoking maternity photography and Little Girl Couture fashion images have set her apart with a modern edge. She runs a 6,000+ member photography group on Facebook where she regularly contributes to the community. Alicia has taught at WPPI, Shutterfest and speaks for local guilds in addition to teaching her own workshops. Her motto is, “Together, we can and WILL rebuild the value of a single...

Jane Conner-Ziser | June Speaker 6/21 May27

Jane Conner-Ziser | June Speaker 6/21

Meeting is moved to Tuesday 6/21 this month and it’s “Bring a Friend” month! Bring a friend and they come for free! Retouching for Competition We all know that winning image competitions takes a lot of effort from start to finish. The photography has to be a step above beautiful, the right images need to be selected and from there every effort must be made to coax out the best of it through impeccable retouching and presentation. It’s not too difficult to create images that will score between 78-82 depending on how it comes up and how the panel feels about it, but when you want to score big, it’s all about perfection and giving the judges the confidence they need to shoot your score out of the ballpark. Details, details, details! In this presentation, Jane will walk you through some of the award winning images she’s retouched and show you how careful retouching can make the difference between really, really good and amazing. Come early – and bring 3-4 images on a flash drive if you don’t mind sharing with the group and we’ll go over them during the session – free advice from Jane!   About Jane: Jane is a photographer, digital artist, premier educator and independent consultant. With over 25 years of experience, 19 of them in digital imaging and evolving technologies, the techniques Jane developed for facial retouching and enhancement and portrait painting are widely emulated by photographers and digital artists worldwide through her classes and educational products. She was named as one of Canon’s Explorers of Light in their PrintMaster program, is past co-chair of Digital and Advanced Imaging Committee and Professional Photographers of America. and is currently: Craftsman Photographer / Professional Photographers of America. Adobe Influencer Adobe Photoshop Expert Corel PainterMaster X-Rite Coloratti Author / Photoshop Cafe & Software Cinema [Show...

Photobomb LIVE! | May Program May05

Photobomb LIVE! | May Program

Photobomb Live! Join Booray and Gary live as they record the popular photography podcast: Photobomb. Ph0tobomb is a weekly podcast centered on the world of professional photography. Hosts Booray Perry and Gary Hughes talk with guests about wide ranging topics from business tips to photography styles, Customer service to Copyright protection and all things in-between. They bring  years of experience as working pro’s to the conversation and a generous amount of humor. The audience is encouraged to participate with questions and comments. There’s really no telling where the show will go at “Photobomb Live!” Photobomb is available on Itunes and anywhere podcasts are distributed. www.photobombpodcast.com https://www.facebook.com/photobombpodcast/   Bio’s Booray Perry www.boorayperry.com Booray currently serves on the board of the Tampa Area Professional Photographers Association and won “Wedding Photographer of the Year” the last 4 years.  He travels and teaches wedding photography at other guilds and competes in print competitions at the state and national level.  In 2013 he was a Bronze Medalist in The International Print Competition. In 2015 he was a speaker at Imaging USA in Nashville and taught again in Atlanta in 2016. He hosts “IPC Live” during the International Print Competition and is a Certified Professional Photographer, Master Craftsman and PPA Councilor.   Gary Hughes www.hughesfioretti.com From 2010-2014, Gary was recognized annually as one of the top 10 photographers in Central Florida as well as being a Gold Medalist in PPA’s International Photographic Competition two years in a row. His PPA credentials include Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer and he currently serves as Past President of the Professional Photographers Society of Central Florida and as a PPA councilor. Icing the cake, Gary was featured in the April 2013 issue of Professional Photographer magazine, was a platform speaker at Imaging USA 2014 and 2015 and an instructor on CreativeLive. His book on headshot photography will release in...