Color Space and Salon Images

I was recently preparing my images for Salon Competition when I noticed something strange. One of my images didn’t look right.

I use a program called Lumapix Fotofusion for creating albums, mattes, etc. I was creating mattes for all my images but whenever I output them, this one image didn’t look right. It was desaturated. I couldn’t figure out why so I eventually decided to just skip the matte and enter it clean. I mean, the image looked fine in Photoshop, it only looked different when I output it through Fotofusion.

In competition, I got a merit, but it didn’t score as high as another image I submitted. I was a little surprised because I really thought that it was the best image I had but since I am famously bad at picking images for competition I just wrote it off to my being too close to the work.

Then, I got all the images back from Proofcast so I could post them on the website and there was my image, desaturated again! What the hell!

So, I went back to the files on my computer and took a closer look. All of them looked fine… and then I found it:

color profile 1


I don’t know how I managed to change the color profile, but I did. It should have looked like this:

Color Profile 2

So, I opened the original image in Photoshop and changed the color profile (Edit/Assign Profile). Now it looks right.

The thing is: Since I was looking at the image in Photoshop, it looked right to me. Only when it went to another program did it look wrong. I should have investigated further. Here’s the image with the wrong profile and the one with the correct profile in Bridge:

color space 3

See a difference? Me neither!

Now, take a look at what the judges saw:


color spave 4


So, always check your colorspace and if you plan to compete at state, regional or national levels, enter in salon. It may save your ass.