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Nov. Speaker | Al Audelman

Al_CPPPromoPixTitle – The Road to Professionalism Through Certification

PPA Certification is a major step towards becoming a working professional with the skills needed to handle most jobs.  This is even more important these days as more people are joining the ranks of professional photographers.  During the program, we will cover the required education, the steps to becoming Certified Professional Photographer and what you need to do to maintain our states as a CPP.

We will go over the major points that you need to now to pass the exam, what classes and other options are available for you too take and the fine points of the process of image submission.

Al Audleman

PPA Certified Master Photographic Craftsman, API, FDPE, FDAE, FSA, FED, GFD

Al Audleman is a commercial photographer operating out of St. Petersburg, Florida.   A PPA Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman, he was one of the first PPA Approved Photographic Instructors, PPA Certified for 29 years and one of the first officially-recognized PPA Certification Instructors.

Professional recognition includes several PPA Loan Collection images, selection to the Kodak Epcot Center Exhibit, Kodak Gallery and Fuji Masterpiece Awards, Florida’s “Becker Award for Creative Photography,” and the coveted Florida People’s Choice Award.  Al has also earned the Georgia Fellowship Degree, the Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence, the Florida Degree of Artistic Excellence, the Florida Service Award and the Florida Education Degree.  He was named the Florida Photographer of the Year in 2001 and 2002.

His teaching credentials include CPP Exam Prep and Photoshop classes throughout the nation and internationally.  He is know to conduct a fun class on a technical subject plus he include lots of stories on how the information applies to the real world.  And he tells a lot of jokes!  But he is serious because more than 90% of his students normally pass the exam the first time following the class.

Al also has produced a comprehensive Study Guide, “The Road to Certification for Professional Photography,” that includes a lengthy glossary of technical terms and a 256-question practice exam.  This is included in your registration as a workbook fee and you will receive the download link to obtain the document as soon as you register for the class.  So sign up NOW!

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