Holiday Party 2016! Nov16


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Holiday Party 2016!

Sunday, Dec. 4th, Doubletree Hotel @ 6PM

You must RSVP by Dec. 1st

Another year gone and time for our annual holiday party! Come enjoy the spirit of the season with friends and colleagues, enjoy good food and drink and maybe receive an award as well!

Gift Exchange

At the Awards Banquet this year, we will be offering a gift exchange activity! If you want to participate, please bring a wrapped gift valued at $ 10.00 or less. The activity will be fun, silly and completely unpredictable so get creative and come with an open mind. Everyone who participates will leave with a gift and we will have lots of laughs!
Need gift ideas? Gag gifts, regifting and homemade items are completely acceptable! Are you a more practical gifter? How about a gift card or something you know any photographer would love to have in their tool box. There are no limits to what can be gifted and I can’t wait to see what gets opened up!

Food Drive

This year, it is highly recommended that each person attending the Banquet bring at least one nonperishable food item to be donated to Southern Oak Elementary School’s needy families. If you need assistance carrying in food items, please email me ahead of time at and I will meet you at your car! Please make sure to check expiration dates before donating items to make sure they are still acceptable quality for consumption. It is important that our association give back to the community and I appreciate any and all effort to participate in this drive to help our students! Have any other items that you would like to donate such as clothing, gifts, toys or toiletry items? I’ll take anything you can find it in your heart to donate! Throughout the year, families become homeless, experience unexpected events that put them in need and having items ready to support them through those times is extremely important. Any other questions can be emailed to me at
Examples of nonperishable food items:
Peanut butter, crackers, canned fruits, canned vegetables, dried fruits, powdered milk, and Bottled water
Canned meats, such as tuna, salmon, turkey and chicken, are non-perishable foods that are excellent sources of protein. Canned soup, Pasta, Oatmeal, rice, Most condiments such as ketchup, mustard and soy sauce are non-perishable.