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Jan Speaker | Robert Lino

Posing with Robert Lino

Tuesday, Jan 17th
Holiday Inn Westshore
700 N. Westshore Dr. Tampa

$20 at the door or prepay with Paypal

This class is not about posing rules, yet they will be covered; this presentation is about posing concepts and observation.  It is not about showing pictures of “poses” to recreate, it will teach you how to direct your clients to make them look their best, using simple commands.  The secret is to understand the rules of traditional posing and the psychology of body language.   The techniques, combining these concepts with the basic notions of proper posture to create contemporary images with a distinctive appear. Robert Lino is internationally known for the distinctive feeling in his portraits and his unique posing ability.

Robert Lino is internationally known for his professional journey and his photographic achievements but more so for his distinctive portraiture and his unique ability in the art of posing.  He has been a business consultant, speaker and judge for major professional associations.  His professional achievements include the ASP Fellowship; the Master, Craftsman Degrees and Professional Certification from PPA; the Accolade of Highest Photographic Achievements from WPPI; the Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence, and the Florida Service Award; and the Honorary Master Degree from SMFP in Mexico.