Jane Conner-Ziser | June Speaker 6/21 May27


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Jane Conner-Ziser | June Speaker 6/21

Meeting is moved to Tuesday 6/21 this month and it’s “Bring a Friend” month! Bring a friend and they come for free!

Retouching for Competition

11_1We all know that winning image competitions takes a lot of effort from start to finish. The photography has to be a step above beautiful, the right images need to be selected and from there every effort must be made to coax out the best of it through impeccable retouching and presentation. It’s not too difficult to create images that will score between 78-82 depending on how it comes up and how the panel feels about it, but when you want to score big, it’s all about perfection and giving the judges the confidence they need to shoot your score out of the ballpark. Details, details, details! In this presentation, Jane will walk you through some of the award winning images she’s retouched and show you how careful retouching can make the difference between really, really good and amazing.

Come early – and bring 3-4 images on a flash drive if you don’t mind sharing with the group and we’ll go over them during the session – free advice from Jane!


About Jane:

Jane is a photographer, digital artist, premier educator and independent consultant. With over 25 years of experience, 19 of them in digital imaging and evolving technologies, the techniques Jane developed for facial retouching and enhancement and portrait painting are widely emulated by photographers and digital artists worldwide through her classes and educational products. She was named as one of Canon’s Explorers of Light in their PrintMaster program, is past co-chair of Digital and Advanced Imaging Committee and Professional Photographers of America. and is currently:

  • Craftsman Photographer / Professional Photographers of America.
  • Adobe Influencer
  • Adobe Photoshop Expert
  • Corel PainterMaster
  • X-Rite Coloratti
  • Author / Photoshop Cafe & Software Cinema