January Speaker | Ben Wilmore Dec05


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January Speaker | Ben Wilmore

Tuesday, January 9th
Holiday Inn Westshore
700 N. Westshore Dr. Tampa

$20 at the door or prepay with Paypal


Lessons Learned: On the Road, Behind the Lens & Pushing Pixels
Ben Willmore has spent over a decade as a Technomad (technology-enabled nomad): His full-time home is a lovingly restored vintage bus of 1930’s design that is jam packed with modern technology. As a photographer, Ben has shot in all 50 states, all seven continents and over 65 countries. Has been using Photoshop since before Adobe named it Photoshop and was one of the first dozen people to be inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame. He has written more than a dozen books on digital imaging and has taught at well over 100 events spread across the globe from Antartica to Zimbabwe. 
In this talk, Ben will share some of the most important things he’s learned over the years related to travel, photography and digital imaging. He’ll show you how his photographic mindset has matured over the years and share some uncommon digital techniques that he finds essential to producing quality images. He will also dispel common Photoshop myths that produce great clickbait videos, but have little true value. The knowledge and experience he shares is sure to improve your photography while entertaining you with images captured all over the world.