May Speaker | Larry Becker Apr13


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May Speaker | Larry Becker

Tuesday, May 9th
Holiday Inn Westshore
700 N. Westshore Dr. Tampa

$20 at the door or prepay with Paypal
A Better Bottom Line for Photographers with Simple Video Capture

In 2017 video has become mission-critical for most every business marketing plan. Facebook says that 80%-90% of all Facebook traffic will be video by 2018. Business Insider says that simply having a video as a part of the online purchase process, increases the chance of purchase by 64%. So at this point video is not only important, it’s being demanded by the majority of businesses. However, as far as most businesses are concerned, video production is expensive and complicated (or else it’s vertical video/shaky-cam from a smartphone like a school kid).

Professional photographers stand in an unique position to deliver professional quality business videos, suitable for online marketing, but which don’t require especially large budgets and long lead time. There is an emerging market for professional video capture that is well short of film school style projects with numerous cameras, cinematography, CGI, and extensive editing. Instead, pro shooters can use constant lights, along with gear they already own, to capture simple video footage that can be edited into clean, professional promo videos for local businesses.

Larry will deliver a presentation to TAPPA which can show photographers who have never shot any video, what simple settings and strategies can be used to build on their existing still shooting knowledge, in order to capture great looking and sounding video. Think of it as capturing “talking headshots” and adding a profit center to your product offerings. The videos can be edited by the photographers themselves, or passed on to a service bureau.

The bottom line is that the photography profession is becoming more and more challenging, and finding paying clients is becoming even harder. Adding simple video capture not only allows pro shooters to have something “extra” that can be offered for existing shoots, it can provide an opportunity to reach out to new clients and existing clients who, “don’t really need portraits until next year.” It can give shooters a fresh reason to call their entire client base again.


Larry Becker Bio
For the past 11 years, Larry Becker has been very visible internationally in the photography world. Larry was the Executive Director of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals for 5 years and then, for the past 6 years, has served as an on-camera spokesperson, host, and trainer for B&H Photo, Canon USA, Kelby Media, and the National Association of Broadcasters. For 5 of those years Larry managed the video studio producing videos for Kelby and other million and billion dollar companies. In 2016 Larry left his studio management position, while continuing to serve as on-camera talent for these companies. He also serves as a consultant and trainer for executives who are new to being on camera, and consults with businesses doing their own simple video productions in-house.