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Megan DiPiero – Sept. Speaker

Headshot MDP websm7 Sales Crimes that are Robbing You of Success


By now you probably know that to thrive in this industry, you need two

big things on your side—Art Skills and Business Skills.In this course,

Megan will reveal 7 fairly common, but entirely criminal, sales

practices that may be stopping you from achieving the sales of your

dreams.She’ll also show you the Sales Solutions to set your business



This class is perfect for the emerging pro looking to avoid common

pitfalls and get their business started on the right foot. Experienced

pros will enjoy the reminder to polish off their marketing approach and

the interesting glimpse into the world of luxury sales.


About Megan:Megan is a Sales and Pricing specialist who mentors students

across the globe.You can find her on Facebook in the active forum:

“Photogs Rising! With Megan DiPiero.” Her thriving portrait brand, Megan

DiPiero Photography, has nearly doubled its income every year since

launch.Megan loves showing photogs all that she knows about consistently

maintaining 4 figure sales averages and very happy clients!

Here’s pics from the meeting!