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Michael Joseph | Nov. Speaker

Image courtesy of Amanda Pratt

Image courtesy of Amanda Pratt

It’s all about the lighting….lighting is everything.

Michael Joseph has almost 30 years of experience of Photographing Pets with their People. He’ll be sharing with you several different lighting techniques that he uses in the studio from soft boxes, hair lighting, kicker lights & reflectors. Then he’ll talk about some of his favorite outdoor lighting equipment that he uses with lightweight strobes and modifiers. He’ll also share with you his 10 favorite gadgets and gizmos that he can’t shoot without. He will also be ready to answer technical questions on lighting, posing, studio set up & sales. Have your questions ready! And, he’ll unveil his Top­Ten Secrets to Pet Photography.

Originally from Allentown, PA, Michael Joseph has traveled throughout the eastern US, photographing people and their pets. Over 25 years, 15 states and more than 35,000 portrait sittings later, almost every breed of dog and cat have had their chance in front of MJ’s camera. In fact, if you could get all the dogs, cats, birds and horses that he’s photographed over the years, together at one time, you could easily fill each seat of any major football stadium!

Although photographing families and their pets remains a top priority, MJ photographs a great deal of non­pet related assignments as well… whether it be weddings, families or children. And for the past 9 years, you may have seen MJ working freelance with Canon at various trade shows and conventions as they work with pros and give advice on camera functions and features. He has received his Master of Photography and Craftsman degrees from PPA, the Florida Photographer of the Year from FPP, Highest Case Score and the North Florida Photographer of the Year. Some additional distinctions include, three­time Florida Top Ten List, Kodak Gallery Award recipient.

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Images courtesy of Amanda Pratt