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Sept. Speaker | Chuck Vosburgh

chuck-headshot1The sales secrets I wish I had known

Chuck Vosburgh, CPP

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Chuck’s quest to become a master salesman started early in his career with the frustration of seeing others winning assignments that he would have been more qualified to do. After a lifetime of study in the psychology of the sale and practical real-world experience, Chuck is known for his technique of “selling without being a salesman”. Now he’s going to teach you everything he wishes he had known sooner.

Get ready for dozens of real-world sales and marketing techniques that you can start using right away shown and explained in detail with Chuck’s easy, down to earth teaching style.

Chuck’s career spans from owning a botique advertising agency and design studio, Advertsing Creative Director for a large clothing manufacturer, a full-time professional photographer with international clientele, real estate investor and as a Licenced Real Estate Agent.

Chuck Vosburgh is a Certified Professional Photographer, Adobe Business Partner, Comp TIA Certified Technical Trainer, Certified Negotiation Expert and Certified Pricing Startegy Advisor along with numerous other awards, certifications and designations. He has been self-employed for 30 years and knows how to prosper in all economic conditions and with all types of clients.


You will walk out a much better salesperson than when you walked in!

Here are just a few things you’ll learn

5 Things that are sabotaging your efforts

3 things no one does that take less than 5 minutes and will make people remember you forever

Ways to get more business cards out that you never thought of

How to turn your address book into a gold mine

Chuck’s Daily Action Checklist for guaranteed results

How to make someone want to know more in less than 30 seconds

How to cast doubt on your competition without ever criticizing

Exploiting the laziness of others

The known psychology of the sale; 5 steps you MUST follow

How to even out the ups and downs

Ask Chuck anything, seriously, anything

And a LOT more


Photo: Chuck Vosburgh.

Photo: Chuck Vosburgh.

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Ninell Taveras photographed by Chuck Vosburgh

Ninell Taveras photographed by Chuck Vosburgh

Rooftop Dining

Woodford Reserve for American Woodworker

Woodford Reserve for American Woodworker

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Ritz Carlton Palm Beach, FL

Ritz Carlton Palm Beach, FL

Ritz Carlton Palm Beach, FL

Ritz Carlton Palm Beach, FL