Spring Salon Winners and Merits

If you’re a visitor to the TAPPA website, you might wonder what all the fuss is about. The Salon Competition takes place twice a year. We bring in qualified judges to judge our work. Each photographer can submit up to 6 images. Each image is assigned a score. The goal is to score an 80 or above, this is called a “merit.”

Below, you’ll find a list of the winners in each category as well as all the images that received a merit score in each category. Just click the category to bring up the individual images, then click the first one to bring up the slideshow. The winers are the first images in each category.

Here’s the complete list of Salon winners and merits from the Spring Salon in March 2015

Best in Show: Elvin Velez

1st- Elven Velez
2nd- Missy Duncan
3rd- Michael Landes
Social Function
1st- Booray Perry
2nd- Booray Perry
3rd- Michael Landes
1st- Michael DeMartino
2nd- Curtis Frey
3rd- Lisa O’Geary
1st- Randy Van Duinen
2nd- Michael Landes
3rd- Susan Black
Electronic Imaging
1st- Michael Landes
2nd- Randy Van Duinen
3rd- Randy Van Duinen
Susan Black- 3
Michael Landes- 5
Curtis Frey- 2
Randy Van Duinen- 6 (6 pack)
Kevin Newsome- 2
Lisa O’Geary- 4
Constance Avellino- 2
Missy Duncan- 3
Christine Reynolds- 1
Booray Perry- 4
Becky Jordan- 2
Michael De Martino- 2
Amanda Pratt- 1
Elvin Velez- 1
Bob Sargent-1



Social Function