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A post on how you can make it easier to enter Print of the Month competition every month at T.A.P.P.A.

One of the things that makes T.A.P.P.A. so much fun (and valuable) is the monthly print competition. Personally, I try to enter every month. The way I see it, we are a photographic organization and so we should surround ourselves at all times with the art of photography. Also, vodka and door prizes… but mostly the photographs.


Here’s what you can do to make it easier to compete every month as well as make it easier for the newsletter editor to feature your images in our award-winning newsletter.


Prepare a bunch of images at once. Right now, this month, cull through your work over the last year and grab a bunch that you like. Prepare them for printing and send them off to your lab. Reedy Photo has always been a great supporter of T.A.P.P.A. and they will take good care of you. (Prints must be 8×10)


When your prints arrive, put them in a bag that you take every month to the meeting so you always have them.


Order some black foamcore. Cut the foam core to 8×10. You’ll need 2 of these. Also, get an adhesive roller.


Now you are set. Each month, select what you want to enter, swipe the adhsive roller on the foamcore a couple of times and stick the print to it. Easy! When you are done, peel off the print and save the foamcore for next month. I’ve been using the same foamcore and roller for 2 years.


One more thing and you will be done:


Do you have a Gmail account? If so, you also have a free account with Google Drive.


Create a folder in Google Drive called “POM.” Drag and drop all the files you just printed into it.


Create another folder called “Entered.”


Now, each month when you enter your image(s) in Print of the Month, simply drag those images from the “POM” folder to the “Entered” folder. Here’s the best part: You can do this from your phone while you are sitting in the meeting AND you can also mail the files directly to pom@tappa.corg so that we have them for the newsletter. I do it every month right after they announce the winners. It takes about 30 seconds and I’m done until next month. Just rename the file so we know what it is (ie: 2ndsocial_booray)


I know this may seem like a lot but it’s really not. Once you create the folders and get your prints it takes almost no effort to enter every month and quickly send your files to pom@tappa.org.


Booray Perry