Woody Walters – February Speaker Jan19


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Woody Walters – February Speaker

EXTRACTION 150Visualization- The Future of Photography – Tuesday, Feb. 9th T.A.P.P.A Meeting Doubletree Hotel 6PM

There will always be a need for high quality straight forward photographs.  Even the quest to produce an above average portrait requires a great deal of visualization on behalf of the photographer.  Quality of light, separation of highlight and shadow, relationships of figure and background, all must perform in harmony together to convey the final outcome.

In today’s world we are bombarded with not only high quality visual content, but very creative visual content as well.  Semi trucks converting into robots, landscapes with mountains and waterfalls floating in the skies, anything we can think of, we can make real in this digital world we live in.  How we take our ideas and concepts and turn them into a photograph still boils down to the act of visualization.  Join Woody Walters as he explores the future of Photography.  See the process as he unfolds elements or pieces to make up the whole of an image.  Understand the physical effects of colors and tonal values and how they relate to the subject and story of the image.

Avatar, Planet of Apes, and Star Wars, were all extremely creative with high impact visual content and imagery.  To recreate spectacular images it comes down to your vision and what you want the viewer to ultimately feel. Woody will show you his process of how he breaks down images into segments.  Open your creative awareness and give your images a new breath of excitement and visualization

 Woody is also holding a 2-day class!!

Woody will be holding a two (2) day class Feb 6,7 Sat/Sun 2016 from 9:30 to 5:30 pm
The class will cost $200.00.
All attendees will receive a set of Woody Smoke brushes
It will be held at the studio of Benjamin Todd, 1906 N. Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL. 33607
Space is limited so book early
Starting with single images and beautiful lighting, Woody will teach you how to transform your photography with photoshop brushes and backgrounds to create drama and add interest. You will discover how easy it is to add special effects like fire, powder, lighting and fog and soft floral effects. You will learn how to choose colors and manipulate the digital elements to tell a story.


This course is very hands-on and photoshop heavy, with only one actual photo session to teach you Woody’s lighting techniques.


The rest of the class will be completely filled with projects each building on the one before it so that at the end of the class you will have a whole new arsenal of tools and elements at your disposal.


Class Highlights:
•Learn how to take an image from average to amazing in less than an hour.
•Learn composition, color, tonal values, and color theory and how to direct a viewer’s eye where you want it to go.
•How to sell it.


The majority of Woody’s class will be teaching techniques that can be created in 15 minutes to a few hours. Even though Woody will spend a small amount of time on advanced compositing, he believes that the average studio cannot afford to spend days creating detailed complex digital montages for one client. It simply is not lucrative.